Marketers in Medicare know how important the Annual Enrollment Period is when driving campaign results – but what happens afterwards?

This was the challenge faced by a performance agency with a Medicare client. They came to the IPONWEB Performance Platform team looking for a way to mitigate the historical downward trend for medicare offer take-up in Q1.

From day one, the client reported “phenomenal performance” using the IPONWEB Native Performance Platform. 

The Solution

Using the IPONWEB Native Performance Platform, the agency leveraged our predictive models based on hand-picked SSPs. Following talks with key supply partners, our team was able to fine-tune performance to reach those customers who still qualified as Medicare leads in Q1. 

The goal: buck the trend of the Q1 decline and amplify performance in a traditionally low-performing period.

The Results

Thanks to the work done by our team, in parallel with the number-crunching and optimizations being made within our Performance Engine, the agency was able to increase their daily budgets by a factor of 4. 

With an original CPA target of $50, our platform delivered a CPA of $32 – a real-world reduction of 36% – all while keeping profitability stable at over 25%.